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Avastin case study


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Since 2004, we’ve partnered with Genentech to grow the Avastin brand from the initial site launch to nearly $7 billion in annual sales today.

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Robin Fossen
Over the years, Avastin has become a flagship brand that combines innovation and creativity to digital tactics in an ever-changing pharma market. Strong relationships and collaboration allowed the melt and Genentech project team to create solutions that enhanced the business, all while identifying new and more efficient ways of handling the status quo.

Avastin has also been influential for other Brands as it has paved the way with market research and initiatives that could be globally adopted, and by showcasing the benefits of tying tactics together to create campaigns in order to meet (or in Avastin’s case, exceed!) business objectives.

From inception through maturity

From launching the first Avastin website 13 years ago to transitioning to the CMS platform used today, we’ve helped Genentech navigate each stage of the product lifecycle and marketing efforts to support each stage as the drug grew to over $7 billion in sales.

Planning for the expected

Since 2004 we’ve managed 7 Avastin site launches and more than 325 site updates. Our project managers have effectively worked with Genentech's product owners, external brand agencies, as well as our own team of analysts, designers, and developers through each and every project.  

Avastin Calendar

First Launch

Site Launches

Site Updates

Preparing for the unexpected

As the drug became more mature, the FDA approved Avastin to treat other indications; meaning, we had the challenge of integrating new content onto the site in support of these new approvals, while still executing on existing tactics. We worked closely with product owners to create a multi scenario approach which required strategic planning to make sure new indication content went live while still being regulatory compliant. This wasn’t an easy task, and included many automated tools and help from our QA team!

Evolution of the experience

As the Avastin brand evolved so did the market. Medications for cancer became more competitive and regulations were more complex.The fact that patients, caregivers and prescribing physicians still needed important information remained constant. Learning from data, analytics and market research influenced major iterations and redesigns to ensure our audience received an experience that was informative and relevant. 

Avastin Patient
Creating a more personalized experience for patients

As Avastin grew larger, it became clear patients needed to be heard, leading to a patient centric approach. Patients needed reassurance through a compassionate and personalized approach. It was critical to elevate information around patient programs, so patients had a better understanding of the resources and tools available to them. In order to do that we prioritized content and functionality conveying the feeling of supportive care. 

Avastin Patient Site
Avastin HCP
An effective and efficient experience for physicians

Just like patients, our prescribing physicians needed a more relevant experience. And, it goes without saying, doctors are busy people and they need information. The data and market research supported the need for a clinical approach with more prescription information and less persuasive marketing, better aligning with the usage patterns of our Physicians.

Avastin HCP Site
Avastin Patient Site
Avastin HCP Site
Tools we built that improved the tactics 

In a heavily regulated environment, creating good digital tactics is not enough. To ensure regulatory compliance, fast time to market and keep cost within budget, execution had to be perfect. We applied our deep technical background to create helpful tools that helped Avastin be nimble in this environment. 

Managing safety
Innovating to manage safety 

Safety is a huge concern in healthcare. Pharmaceutical brands know manually updating safety information on every page of a website is a laborious task and highly susceptible to human error. The need for a streamlined system to manage safety couldn’t be more clear. We created and piloted a tool called Gvault with Avastin. This centralized safety repository tool allowed for quick safety updates and faster speed to market. The success of Gvault was an innovation for Genentech and we now use this tool globally for all of their sites.

Ensuring quality
Ensuring quality and compliance 

The lifecycle of any pharmaceutical drug involves continuous updates to the website. Our Quality Assurance engineers tackled the challenge of making site updates while keeping costs down and ensuring zero defects by automating the process.To accomplish this we developed a program to screenshot each page of the live website, as well as each page of the updated site in our QA environment to compare the two. This pixel by pixel comparison allowed for reviewing content updates with 100% accuracy. Automating this process cut time for project managers, from 4-8 hours, to under an hour. Better yet, removing any chance of human error, which can get costly for the client! 

Continuous improvement
Delivering on a Web CMS platform 

Throughout our long history with Genentech technology has made huge strides. Many of the Avastin websites began as one off custom websites that were manually updated. Within the last few years the transition to an enterprise content management system has brought lower update costs while improving a consistent user experience across all genentech brands. (see our AEM case study)


Marketing Avastin to physicians

The long partnership between meltmedia and Avastin has allowed for deep familiarity with the brand and made it possible to pilot innovative new programs in support of it. We were asked to develop a personalized email platform that would be the most effective digital approach to reach their customers. The Rep Activated Messaging Platform (or RAMP) enables field sales reps to send PRC approved emails to customers that are both personalized and meet regulatory standards.

Image of Avastin Examples

Results surpassed industry standards and Avastin became became the sponsor to pilot RAMP to test the approach.  The RAMP program has subsequently been expanded to almost the entire Genentech portfolio after the success with Avastin. Ramp has gone on to support new brands as they heard about their peer brands’ increased traction. meltmedia and Genentech have now launched RAMP v2 using the latest technologies afforded by modern browsers. We’re looking forward to sharing RAMP’s increased effectiveness as the numbers roll in!

An ongoing relationship

In our years with Avastin, the brand has seen several technological advancements and improvements. Having the opportunity to work with a now blockbuster brand has helped shape the way we deliver tech and do business. Our relationship continues to grow as we implement the AEM platform and evolve their email marketing technology. We continue working to adapt to their needs and quickly update and deliver the appropriate technology for Avastin’s Physician and Patient sites, resulting in a better experience for both. It’s been a wild ride with Genentech and the Avastin brand, we can’t wait to see what’s next!