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Meet Lucian Savage

Quality Assurance Engineer

Lucian Savage - Quality Assurance Engineer
Do epic shit.

I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer. That means I'm checking websites and applications for the high-quality standards set by meltmedia, logging bugs, communicating with the rest of the development staff, and helping with our internal automation efforts. We have high levels of personal responsibility at melt and I’m just lucky enough to be surrounded by creative and technical geniuses who inspire me every day. But, I wasn’t always a QA engineer with a dream job at melt. A while back, I decided to learn Python and other back end programming languages so that I could change my career from a project management focus to a QA developer. Now, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than working at melt. Except for maybe hanging out with my pet pig, Rupert Hammeson Esquire III. or reading, but I do that stuff in my free time.

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