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Meet Robin Fossen

VP of Program Management

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

I’m the VP of Program Management here at melt. That means I’m in charge of the AEM program, a team of Project Managers and Project Coordinators, and internal initiatives to help the project management organization (PMO) run smoothly! I used an exclamation mark because, like my co-workers here at melt, I have an enthusiasm and passion for our work and that definitely shows in our deliverables!

As a side note, I am a big fan of the exclamation point and may or may not overuse it! When I’m not at melt, I love to bake, drink wine, and take tons of pictures. My husband says I enjoy life with only one eye because the other eye is always looking through the camera. If I could choose anywhere to be, you’d find me in Kauai, specifically Hanalei Bay, because it’s my happy place. Actually, I wish I was there right now with my husband, two daughters and our dog. 

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