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Meet Danny Shoffman

Senior Project Manager

Danny Shoffman
I tell bad dad jokes

Hi, my name is Danny Shoffman and I work on the Project Management crew here at melt, as a Project Manager. I am responsible for consistently telling dad jokes, securing laughs on 10% of sed jokes and managing the day to day business for some amazing brands.

The best thing about working at melt is the people. Everyday I come into the office, my confidence is boosted by cat-calls from Adam as I walk by.

Outside of work, I like to grab some happy hour with my wife, make funny faces to my son Sawyer, spend time with my dog Wrigley, and watch some Chicago sports because win or lose, Chicagoans are as loyal as they come. What other city could get away with almost 110 years without a championship and still fill the seats?

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