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Meet Mike Moulton


Less is more.

Hi, I'm Mike. I'm responsible for the strategic technical vision of melt, but as a Partner I'm involved in many other aspects of what makes us who we are. Aside from melt stuff, I'm the principal developer on the Talu team (our marketing analytics platform). I'm also heavily burdened with drone piloting.

I'm proud to be one of those rare unicorns: An Arizona native. Arizona is such a great place to spend out in the perfect (most of the time) weather with my family. The only downside about being here is the lack of a Disneyland. Luckily, California exist solely to accommodate my Disney fixation and it's pretty proximate. My family is the best because they understand my idiosyncrasies and share my love of all things Disney. Another great thing about melt is our embrace of pets in the workplace. I get to bring my Golden Retriever, Casey, to work whenever I want, although now he gets very depressed if I have to leave him home. It's just that much fun at melt.

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