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Meet Liz Heise

Email Developer

Liz Heise - Email Developer
I have always wanted to live near an ocean.

I’m on the Development crew here at melt as a Email Developer. You’ll find me coding emails with ninja level nested table perfection, making sure the emails look awesome in all email clients, and keeping up with ever-changing shenanigans. Working at melt is the best because my co-workers are awesome, the atmosphere is awesome, and I hang with adorable dogs all day. How is any of that bad? If I am feeling bad though, I put on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. The original one with Gene Wilder. It never fails to cheer me up no matter how many times I’ve seen it… and I’ve seen it a lot of times. I love to take little trips when I’m not at work. My favorite thing of all is visiting my grandparent's cabin in Utah because it’s a magical place filled with so many happy memories. I also like to sing, do crafty projects, hang with my mom and husband, and work on my cooking skills.

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