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Meet Joshua Trimmer

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Joshua Trimmer
I suck at taglines. ​​​

Hi, I’m Josh Trimmer and I work as a CMS specialist on the dev crew. I spend my days building sites in AEM. That’s a lot of acronyms to start, so let’s clear things up: CMS means content management system and AEM means Adobe Experience Manager.  
I originally hail from Ohio, where I spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors and not worrying that the heat would melt my Legos. But the best place I ever visited was the Philippines, where I got to meet my wife’s family and experience new food and a different culture. 
Outside of work I like to spend time with my wife (she just gets me), draw, play video and tabletop games, watch movies, listen to music, and cook. Inside of work I like to soak up the friendly atmosphere. It’s a pretty great place to be!  

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