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Meet Destiny Bira

Release Manager

Destiny Bira - Release Manager
Don't sweat the small stuff.

Hi. I'm Destiny. Not necessarily your destiny. But definitely a Destiny. I manage the successful deployment of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) sites through all environments, supporting development teams and Project Managers at melt. My favorite perk? I love the snacks here. Who doesn't love free food?

While on the topic of food, I hail from Wisconsin. And that's where I love to eat ALL THE CHEESES. When I'm not visiting Wisconsin and eating cheese, I hang with my giant lap-beast, Brutus. As for amazing stuff I love to do, I pretty much became a mermaid when I learned to scuba dive. Favorite movie... “Mine's Labyrinth” (dance magic dance!). Also, who wouldn't want to be a wizard at Hogwarts? I couldn't put those books down. When I'm driving, I'm a minor threat due to belting out/dancing to Taylor Swift. Drive defensive, kids.

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