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Meet Brendan Erquiaga

Software Developer

Brendan Erquiaga - Associate Backend Developer
Canadians are lovely people.

I’m a Java Developer on the dev crew at melt so that makes me responsible for some code, making code better, and learning new code. I’m originally from Nevada where nothing ever closes and if you haven’t had a beer at 3 am, one day you should try it. When I’m not at work, I might be hanging with my dog, Ogi, or my friends, who will play hours of games with me, no questions asked. I think games bring people together through community and storytelling. I love a good story. Speaking of, if you haven’t seen The Princess Bride, you really should. It’s definitely my favorite movie (and a fun book!) because nothing is better than True Love, except maybe a nice MLT. If you’re into books maybe check out The Name of the Wind because the main character, Kvothe is a badass and his world is fascinating. Let me know what you think.

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