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Meet Ben Heise

Frontend Developer

Ben Heise - Developer
Gimme a high five!

I’m a Developer here at melt. You know all those awesome websites melt makes for our clients? I’m one of the guys responsible for coding them. I also mentor our new recruits because we’re all about motivation. My co-working friends and I give out lots of hugs and high fives for jobs well done. Working at meltmedia is pretty cool.

What’s not cool, just in general, is getting lost while spelunking, which I’ve totally done. When I was lost I was kind of wishing I could just phone home like E.T., which is, coincidentally, my favorite movie. I mean, if E.T. wasn’t able to phone home that movie would have really sucked. If I’m not getting lost in caves or rooting for my favorite alien or reading my Calvin & Hobbes collection, I’m probably eating or hanging out with my family. You seriously haven’t lived until you tried my mom’s chocolate chip coffee cake. I’ll have her invite you over sometime. Bring the kids!

Ben Heise's desktop shot for mobile view.

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