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Meet Andy Frey

Director of People Development

The phonebook sucks. Worst plot ever.

Hi, my name is Andy Frey and I people person of the technology people at melt. I’m responsible for my actions, my happiness, and my destiny, but also the technology people-y things. I'M A PEOPLE PERSON, DAMMIT! We have FREE WiFi at melt, which is AWESOME, but I guess at some point someone has to pay for the WiFi, huh?

I'm from Michigan but I live in Scottsdale now which is convenient since that’s also where my house is. Outside of work, I like to do other exciting things. Inside of work is way too specific, but I can tell you about my pet robot dinosaur, Steve, or about the time I broke eight bones at once. It hurt way more than I ever would have expected.

I don't like to sit in one place for very long, so I motorized my office chair; no, seriously it does 20+mph!

Andy Frey's desktop shot for mobile view.

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