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Meet Will Mejia

VP of Design

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get back to my house.

Being the VP of Design here at melt, I oversee all things design and help with some of the business-y kind of stuff. I love melt because I get to rub shoulders with amazingly smart, creative and passionate people everyday. melt’s culture is great and all but if I wasn’t here working with awesome people, I’d be traveling with my family showing our daughter the world or cooking up some tasty eats at home with food harvested from our garden. You can also find me on the trails mountain biking, or losing a drone in a tree somewhere and if it’s a great weekend I’ll be shaking off a hangover. Check Instagram because I’ll definitely be posting pics along the way. So basically I love my family, cooking, eating, drinking, sports’ing, traveling and chickens…yes chickens. Yeah the kind that taste good grilled or roasted but also the ones that are raised for eggs (you know bok-bok-bok). We’ve got a couple of pet chickens, Janis, Joni, and Debra Winger in our backyard living in a coop my brother-in-law and I built from mostly free reclaimed wood… ask me about them and I’m sure I’ll tell you more than you need to know.

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