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Meet Lulu Riordan

UX Designer

Lulu Riordan
I'm just a kid in grown-up clothes. Don't tell my boss.

Hi, my name is Lulu Riordan and I’m a UX Designer. I’m responsible for discovering what the client needs, discovering what the user wants, and designing a delightful experience that will make both happy! The best thing about working here at melt is that it's a melting pot of talented superheroes (see what I did there), because meltmedians are pure magic.

Speaking of melting pots, my favorite thing about my hometown of New York City is the mix of culture and diversity. Also, the tap water and subway styles can’t be beat. Sometimes I miss the skyscrapers, but I thank my lucky stars to live in Arizona, where I actually get to see the sun and sky on a daily basis. 

My life philosophy is ABL — always be learning. Like the time I played roller derby with the Gotham Girls under the name FizzyLola, where I learned how hard people you love and respect will work to knock you down, and how much more you’ll respect them when they do. 

When I’m not at work I like to spend time with my two dogs Pickles & Dill, train my google assistant to do fun things like quote Star Wars while I slay AR stormtroopers with my collection of lightsabers, meditate, listen to music and podcasts, and read books like The Art of Happiness. Because who doesn’t like a little happiness?

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