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Peace of Mind Starts with a Peaceful Mind

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Justin Grossman

Four Ways To Find More Peace Of Mind In Our Always-On Work Culture

Take a look around today’s modern workplace. Professionals are hyper-connected to multiple devices, inundated with alerts from messaging apps, and under pressure to keep up with a constant stream of email and social media (to name a few). And since communicating is faster and easier than ever before, the expectation from clients and colleagues for immediate responses has also reached new, more demanding heights. 

To most working professionals, it’s equal parts alluring and toxic. But just because we can be “always on” doesn’t mean we should be. 

With the constant cycle of projects, client requests and new business opportunities, a task list can feel never-ending, causing us to feel stressed, unhappy, and overwhelmed. Flexible schedules give some reprieve, but also allow us to be “always on,” including on weekends and vacations. We as a society are accepting this as normal, but it’s important to remember that it’s not. This mentality is distracting us, hurting our productivity, and burning us out. 

But here’s the good news: we can choose to make a change.

In my latest Forbes article, “Four Ways To Find More Peace Of Mind In Our Always-On Work Culture,” I break down why everyone needs mental downtime and why today’s modern workforce needs to stop feeling guilty about it. I also share specific, actionable steps to help you take your life back, including navigating what does and doesn’t warrant an immediate response, the importance of setting boundaries between work and the rest of your life, and protecting personal time. I also explore how to relax your mental state even during the most stress-inducing times.

Now to make your well-being a priority. Read my article to get started.