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How to Successfully Manage Multiple Agency Partners

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Justin Grossman

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For today’s pharma marketers, complexity is the name of the game — particularly when it comes to working with agency partners. 

In the past, agencies of record (AORs) were responsible for supporting the bulk of brand strategy, digital projects, media buys, and more. As complex technology requires more specialized partners, the agency landscape has changed. Our research reveals that today, more than 70% of pharma marketers utilize multiple digital partners and specialty vendors. 

This new reality that requires extensive coordination and time to successfully manage; otherwise pharma marketers run the risk of miscommunication, missed deadlines, and misunderstandings that could hinder progress.

It’s critical that pharma marketers and the multiple agencies they work with learn to navigate the ins and outs of our new vendor landscape with confidence and ease. So what are the best practices for getting everyone on the same page?

In my recent PharmExec column, “3 Tips to Manage Multiple Agency Partners,” I share three top practices for navigating today’s multiplayer agency landscape and increasing value from external vendors. This includes setting clear expectations with partners so everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, the importance of implementing communication protocols to avoid wires being crossed, and establishing metrics early on as a means to track and measure progress and success as the partnership goes on.

You can access the article here.