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5 Fatal Flaws of Drug Site Launches

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Justin Grossman

rocket launchingTo be a successful pharma marketer means getting comfortable with change. Over the last few decades, countless tactics have risen and fallen with the tide due to ever-evolving regulations, digital and social trends. At the same time, expectations for what marketers can deliver have soared, especially during a new drug launch.

What we know for sure is yesterday’s standards won’t launch tomorrow’s drugs, which is why digital marketers must always work to grow and shift with what the market demands. This includes accounting for a new ecosystem of platforms, partners, and audience needs, among other critical factors.

Successful commercialization requires a deep understanding of the now, coupled with a well orchestrated execution plan for the future, to ensure a strong launch. So how can organizations get it right? Sometimes the answer lies in pinpointing the mistakes that have been made in the past.

In my latest article in pharmaphorum, “5 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Derail Drug Launches,” I explore the top mistakes pharma marketers make on their way toward a drug launch. I also share actionable advice on how marketers can uplevel their marketing plans and refresh their marketing tech stack, as well as get ahead of potential regulatory hurdles. Finally, I dig into how one specific process can ensure internal and vendor partnerships function more efficiently, and lay out once and for all what marketing can do to prep sales for launch Day 1.

Read the article here.