Résumé Series PT II : Now It’s Personal

In part one of our series, A Better Approach to Résumés, we discussed what makes a résumé great (creativity and a well-thought-out design helps) and why the traditional résumé needs to be put to bed (it’s boring).

Not conforming to The Industry Standard and having a slick presentation is a good way to become a memorable contender for a position, but if you’re not careful, you can become memorable for a whole different reason…

Getting Hired Part 2

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Résumé Series PT I : A Better Approach to Résumés?

Nobody likes résumés. Rarely is creating your résumé an exhilarating experience. But, maybe that’s because you’re thinking about it wrong.

Traditionally, they tend to be boring and unimaginative. Many people and companies believe there’s a single, acceptable format résumés should follow and anything not conforming to Industry Standards is nonprofessional. I think there’s more to it than that.

Welcome to a two part series on A Better Approach to Résumés. I’m going to break down what makes a résumé great…or rather, what will make you stand out.

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Getting Hired at meltmedia: The Cover Letter

NOTE: This is part 1 of a more-than-one-part “series” on getting a job at meltmedia.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re having an incredible year and we’re growing. We recently had 10 positions posted, many of them for brand new roles at the company. This means we’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through résumés and cover letters. And hiring well is hard.

Cover Letter-01

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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? It Better Be!

Beginning April 21, 2015, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, its ranking on Google will suffer (<<< shock value). Frankly, I’m surprised it took Google this long to implement the algorithm change.

It was recently announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog that “mobile-friendliness” of sites will be expanded as a signal in their ranking algorithms. This means your phone or tablet will receive more relevant and higher quality search results.

Mobile-Friendly Search Rankings

Google also announced that they are now using information from indexed apps on your devices, for ranking when you’re signed into their services. Here’s a link to a step-by-step guide on how to get your app indexed: App Indexing for Google Search.

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Ryan Craver on Why iBeacons Matter to Retailers

iBeacons/Bluetooth Beacons have come a long way in 2014. This year, more retailers started implementing these tiny devices into their marketing strategies. The first retailer to go large-scale with beacons, Lord & Taylor, deployed beacons utilizing the Swirl platform to all US and Canada stores in July. Shortly after, Macy’s launched a beacon deployment with Shopkick in 4,000 stores just in time for the holiday season.

This Friday, we will chat with Ryan Craver, former Lord & Taylor executive, and the man behind the largest beacon rollout in the US. Craver will answer questions around the success of the beacon deployment and how he sees the future for iBeacon retailers.  Join us Friday, December 19th at 1PM PDT / 3PM EDT for #iBeaconChat with guest host Ryan Craver.


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#iBeaconChat: Owning a Beacon Network

It’s fun and easy to get a few beacons and develop a test app. But what happens when you need to deploy thousands of beacons across multiple countries and want to manage it all centrally? After all that time and effort, how do you prevent show-rooming from competitors while still enabling partners to use your beacons too?

In this week’s iBeacon Chat, Gimbal will answer these questions and more around ‘Owning a beacon Network.’ Whether you are a developer or mass retailer, you need to know the ins and outs of managing a network of beacons. Join us Thursday, November 13th at 10 AM PDT / 1PM EDT for #iBeaconChat with guest host Gimbal.

Gimbal tweet chat


To prepare yourself for the chat, review the questions here:

  1. What are some things you should look for in a beacon platform to centrally manage deployment and maintenance?
  2. What are some things you should look for in a beacon for ease of deployment and maintenance?
  3. What are some things to look for in a beacon platform to centrally manage use?
  4. What should you look for in a beacon platform that prevents show-rooming?
  5. What Should you look for in a beacon platform that can enable partners?


On Thursday, November 13th at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT


Join us on Thursday at http://twubs.com/ibeaconchat for the live chat! To join please use the hashtag: #iBeaconChat


#iBeaconChat: Introducing Nearables

After a few years of evolving beacon technology, hardware providers are introducing a new generation of products into the marketplace. Estimote is doing this with Estimote Stickers, complementary to their standard beacons. Stickers contain an accelerometer, temperature sensors and an optimized ARM processor (with flash memory and a Bluetooth Smart controller). This is all inside a significantly smaller and thinner form factor. These stickers are designed to be placed on everyday objects, which brings us to the Estimote coined term, “nearable.”

By attaching a Sticker to an item, it turns into a nearable – a smart, connected object that broadcasts data about its location, motion and temperature. Estimote defines a nearable as an intelligent object linked by a smart beacon, with a rich SDK, to the cloud.

Join this week’s “Introducing Nearables” TweetChat, #iBeaconChat #nearables, with Estimote’s Roshan Prakash (Business Operations Manager) and Wojciech Borowicz (Community Evangelist) as we discuss why nearables matter and what they can do for you.


To prepare yourself for the chat, review the questions here:

  1. What are nearables?
  2. What are Estimote Stickers?
  3. How do Stickers differ from enterprise grade Estimote Beacons?
  4. What are possible use cases for #nearables?
  5. How to create apps for #nearables?


On Tuesday, October 7th at 8:30AM PDT / 11:30AM EDT


Join us on Tuesday at http://twubs.com/ibeaconchat for the live chat! To join please use the hashtags: #iBeaconChat and #nearables