Résumé Series PT II : Now It’s Personal

In part one of our series, A Better Approach to Résumés, we discussed what makes a résumé great (creativity and a well-thought-out design helps) and why the traditional résumé needs to be put to bed (it’s boring).

Not conforming to The Industry Standard and having a slick presentation is a good way to become a memorable contender for a position, but if you’re not careful, you can become memorable for a whole different reason…

Getting Hired Part 2

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Résumé Series PT I : A Better Approach to Résumés?

Nobody likes résumés. Rarely is creating your résumé an exhilarating experience. But, maybe that’s because you’re thinking about it wrong.

Traditionally, they tend to be boring and unimaginative. Many people and companies believe there’s a single, acceptable format résumés should follow and anything not conforming to Industry Standards is nonprofessional. I think there’s more to it than that.

Welcome to a two part series on A Better Approach to Résumés. I’m going to break down what makes a résumé great…or rather, what will make you stand out.

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Getting Hired at meltmedia: WMYU?

NOTE: This is part 2 of a “series” on getting a job at meltmedia. If you missed part 1, get caught up here.

What makes YOU unique? No, really, I’d like to know. So would meltmedia (affectionately known as “melt”). If you’ve taken the time to apply for one of our open positions, you’d note this was the first question on the list. And, it’s the first thing we see before the résumé.


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Getting Hired at meltmedia: The Cover Letter

NOTE: This is part 1 of a more-than-one-part “series” on getting a job at meltmedia.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re having an incredible year and we’re growing. We recently had 10 positions posted, many of them for brand new roles at the company. This means we’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through résumés and cover letters. And hiring well is hard.

Cover Letter-01

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meltmedia Open-Source Software | Cryptographic Libraries

meltmedia has always believed in Open-source Software [OSS] and giving back to the community. We’re releasing a number of our internal projects as OSS and we’ll announce those moves here as they take place.

Any time you need to move sensitive data, such as keys and passphrases, from one place to another through systems or networks you do not control, you need to encrypt it. You don’t want that sensitive data to be snooped on by unauthorized eyes. Our team has written some slick libraries for Java and Node.js that make that task easier.

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What can Totem do for the Enterprise?

Totem is meltmedia’s solution for Continuous Deployment (CD). If you’d like to learn more about CD and how Totem handles that workflow, go get some background in this previous article. If you’re ready to dive into how Totem can work in an enterprise setting, read on!

Totem is more than an automated workflow that takes your code, builds it, and sends it to a server for execution. It eliminates all sorts of problems enterprise IT teams face every day and pulls people out of day-to-day administrative and support tasks. It provides a single source of truth for infrastructure, developer, quality assurance, database, product management, project management, and support teams. It reduces deployment and infrastructure costs, saves time, centralizes logging, and also makes waffle fries!

In a former life, I managed a team of application administrators at a company I’ll call, Very Large Enterprise Company. Our job was to deploy applications to all the various servers for a couple dozen internet-based products. We were the team that took down the application in the middle of a Friday or Saturday night, made changes on servers in various data centers and worked with database and system administrators as they made their changes, etc.


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